About YouTube Redemption

Knowing your audience will guide nearly every decision you make about your video. At YouTube Redemption, we help you to grow your YouTube Channel.

Optimize Your YouTube Video Content

Recent studies show that youTube channels that post more than once each week can perform much much better than others. Now, it is time to optimize your videos for your potential audineces.


The viewers want to get more information from your video, they want to learn things. It is not rocket science to create amazing YouTube content for the audiences. We love to help you with information about how to create helpful videos with great presentation skills. 

What to Focus to Attract Viewers

YouTube Content Optimizing

Create a ton of content in the beginning on similar topics. That will help your channel to perform well in the algorithm. 

Sustainable Video Production Workflow

Realize your skills and create videos on regular basis where you can focus your experiences.

Begin Each Video With an Interesting Hook

No doubt, people love to see the result. When you create a video , don’t forget to show the end result first. That will help you to attract the viewers most.