Drug Addiction Videos That Will Help You in Drug Treatment

Drug addiction affects every member of the community. You may not be taking the drugs yourself, but you will feel the consequences if a family member does. The addict will become a drain on society and every family member who is forced to provide for them.

Meth addiction recovery can treat drug addiction with high-quality drug rehabilitation services. For example, those using meth should seek the services of a meth addiction rehab to get treatment. Many people are unaware of this fact and do not seek professional help, thinking that it’s impossible to cure an addict of their habits. However, some videos can help with drug addiction treatment.

Johann Hari: Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong

Author Johann Hari claims that drug addiction is about our relationship with the substances we take, not the drugs themselves. The author’s TED Talk on this topic has been viewed over 15 million times, and he continues to give lectures around the world. The author claims that addiction is not a disease but rather an injury. His family members were addicts, and he has seen the effects of substance abuse firsthand.

Johann Hari says it’s time we redefine the disease, as millions worldwide are dying because of false theories on curing them. He gives insight into his research in The New York Times bestseller Chasing the Scream. It’s not about the drugs, and it’s about us!

Real Life Drug Stories

Real-life drug stories is a video on Youtube that tells the stories of teenagers who have been through the difficult world of addiction. They talk about how it started and their experiences with abuse, finally getting treatment in a rehab center. The stories are well documented and show that there is hope for addicts. But, they need to seek professional help from drug rehabilitation centers early enough.

Craig Ferguson Rehab Monologue

Craig Ferguson has been vocal about his struggles with alcoholism and drug addiction. The comedian’s rehab monologue on TBS’ Conan is a candid recollection of how he survived the lowest point in his life. He says, “If I can stop, anyone can.” He struggled with depression and turned to drugs for relief. He states, “I lost myself in them.” Finally, he decided it was time to clean up his life and get help from rehab centers that helped him gain back control of himself and his career.

Tony Robbins TED Talk on Overcoming Addiction

The world’s most famous performance coach Tony Robbins has spoken about his struggle with addiction and how he overcame it. Robbins’ TED Talk on this topic is inspiring for anyone who has ever struggled with substance abuse. The coach says, “I’ve gone from the lowest of the low to living my dream.” Watch him tell his story himself!


Drug rehabilitation centers can help addicts recover from their addictions. It gives them the tools they need to live a healthy life once again, free of drugs or alcohol. These treatment plans are tailored according to each patient’s needs after an evaluation process.


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