How the Development in Technology Has Enhanced Video Watching Experience

Watching videos has become one of the most popular leisure activities these days. It is no wonder watching a video has become so much easier with the advent of technology. In this blog post, we will explore how the development of technology has manipulated video watching experience.

Advancement of technology

In recent times, we have witnessed a massive development in technology. Amongst all the changes, technological advancement has undoubtedly made our lives more comfortable and easier. We can now watch our favorite movies or TV shows, play games with our family and friends, and stay connected with our colleagues and loved ones.

With the advent of the internet, we can watch our favorite shows or play games by connecting to the internet and connecting to a device such as smart tv, laptop, iPad, or smartphone. We can also use various apps on our smartphones or laptop to play these games or watch our favorite shows.

Advantages of video watching through smart devices

There are many advantages to watching video through devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

  • Devices like smartphones and laptops are portable, making them ideal for watching videos on the go.
  • Another advantage of smartphones and laptops is that they are comfortable to watch videos on and are user-friendly.
  • Some smartphones, laptops, and tablets are great for watching videos because they have larger screens than smartphones and laptops.
  • You don’t have to learn complex controls or navigate multiple menus to watch your video. You can just open the video and start watching it.

security and compliance management

Future of video watching through devices

The video sector has been growing steadily for several years and shows no slowing. Much of this growth will be due to the rise of video content. While people will watch videos on their mobile devices, the most popular devices will remain the television and the computer.

There is also a trend toward video viewing in shorter segments. People are watching more videos but watching them for shorter periods. As this trend continues to grow, experts predict that television viewing hours will decline by 20 percent. There are other predictions that tablet and smartphone screens will become larger and television viewing hours will increase as this trend continues.

Use of computer compliances in video watching

Even at the beginning of the century, we witnessed DVD players and VCRs. But now, watching videos online or from a laptop or a smartphone has become very popular. Some people prefer to watch their favorite videos online, while others like watching them on their laptops or smartphones.

Online videos can be viewed in many places, and viewers can choose their preferred format. For example, some prefer to watch YouTube videos on their laptops or smartphones. In contrast, others would rather watch them on a laptop or desktop computer.

Role of IT security in video rights

As technology advances, access to video is becoming easier and easier. Video content can now be downloaded online and streamed on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet. However, the ease with which rights are attained to video content also means that anyone can download a copy, which, in turn, significantly reduces the revenue being generated through the sale of video rights.

Fortunately, there is an option that does not require piracy. Video rights can be rented through digital platforms, such as YouTube. Although rental costs less than purchase, it can still be profitable. Moreover, digital rental generates revenue for video rights holders, even with the content being viewed repeatedly. You can learn about IT security and compliance management to know better about rights.


Enjoying videos or movies has never been more exciting in this era of technological advancement. The emergence of modern smart devices and apps has enhanced our video watching experience to a great extent, and it only looks better for the time ahead.

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