Video Marketing Tips for Smarter Strategy

Video marketing is the new-age SEO tool that can help you get better rankings in Google and other search engines. According to the SEO company in Minneapolis, it has become one of the most powerful tools for generating traffic, conversions, and sales. With over 70% of internet users watching videos online every day, engaging them with interesting content that they will love is important. The following tips will help you with video making for SEO.

Find the right topic for your videos.

Using the right topic for your video will help you in getting more views and promoting SEO. By picking the right topic, you will get better rankings with your video because of its relevance to what people are searching for online. You will also be able to attract your target audience to your video.

The best topics generate large numbers of search queries on Google, YouTube, Yahoo!, and Bing. For example, if you are in the healthcare industry, hundreds of videos about diabetes can help you get better rankings.

Find a good platform for publishing videos.

You must choose the right platform for uploading your videos on YouTube or any other video-sharing site. The platform will depend on the type of video you are uploading and its content. For example, if your videos are related to entertainment or comedy, YouTube would be a better option.

Make the videos precise and short.

Videos that are precise and well-edited will help you in getting better rankings. It is important to keep the length of your video about a minute or two, depending on its topic. Ensure not to include irrelevant information as it can confuse people, making them leave your website, which may affect SEO.

Get subtitles for your videos.

Many people can’t understand English or do not speak it. So, you should provide subtitles in their vernacular language to make your video more accessible and interesting for them. It will also help you with SEO as the search engines index these vernacular languages too. You can subtitle your videos by hiring a professional, or you can simply download subtitles from a website and use them.

Optimize your videos for SEO

After uploading the video, make sure to optimize it with relevant keywords that people search online daily. Use these keywords in the title of your video and its description so that Google and other search engines can index them properly. It will help generate traffic for your website. It will also help you in ranking for specific keywords and getting better visibility.

You can also include a link to your website or blog at the end of every video so that people who watch it will be directed there. It is another way of using SEO with videos as search engines index this information, helping you get more traffic and conversions from relevant audiences.


These were some easy and effective tips that you can follow to make your video marketing strategy more fruitful. With the help of videos, any business can increase its traffic levels, resulting in conversions.


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