Why competitive video gaming is the hot new thing?

Video gaming is the most popular trend to the young generation of today. They can spend few hours and even a whole day playing video, depending on how long their load can bring them.  They even escape meals just to be able to play games online.

What is competitive video gaming?

Competitive video gaming involves teams of players, who will compete with other teams, anywhere in the world.  These players do not know each other and they are being watch by millions of other game watchers in the world.  The competition is called Esport.

Why join competitive video gaming?

Many video game players are aspiring to one of those top players in the world, who are now pro competitive video game player.  There are two reasons why video game enthusiast wanted to become one of the world’s top competitive video game players.

  1. Fame and popularity. Competitive video games are being watch by millions online and thousands in person. Being one of those professional players out there is a great pride.  It will put you at par, with the best in the world of competitive video games.  You will become one of the best in the world.
  2. Based on some sources, professional players are earning millions a month and this does not include the prizes they are getting, every time they win. As of today, with the many investment comes, inline gaming is already a multi-billion dollar business.  Many big companies are joining them.

With this development, you can surely expect that the growth of this industry is eminent.

Is competitive video gaming for everybody?

Yes, this is for everybody, as long as you have the skills to be able to compete with the best of the world.  It is not easy to reach that level of success and you will need more practice and exposures, from the smaller venues and league. Yeah for everybody who have good gaming PC with best configuration with good graphics, processor, cpu cooler with best radiator fans and RAM.

Is it advisable for young children?

Playing video games online as mentioned earlier, requires substantial amount of funds, to keep you going.  You need to practice your playing skills and techniques in those games.  I can say that it is not advisable for young children.

Young children are dependent to the allowance their parents gave them.  If your children keep on playing video games, chances are they will learn to get money from other people.  They will likely do that, to make up for their shortness of funds.

What government should do to solve this problem?

We have heard of the many laws, signed to bring a solution to this problem.

  1. One prohibits internet shop from accepting students during school days.
  2. Another one is to disallow putting up of computer shops near school areas.
  3. Impose a no gadget and phone policy inside the campus.

Video game addiction among the children is a problem that should solve starting from their homes.  Parents play a big role on this. Other institution can only provide support to the party involve.  This should start from the parents and with you.


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